Love relationships are difficult to navigate. However, they do get a bit easier when the initial “does she like me?” questions are put to rest. If you’re wondering whether your new partner is really that interested in you, keep reading.

1. She’s Shy Around You

Shy Girl

When women are really interested in a partner, they tend to get shyer than usual. Typically, these sensitive women are struggling to get past the butterflies in their stomach. If you notice that she is suddenly very quiet and uncomfortable around you, chances are that she’s really into you.

2. She Loves to Give You Presents

Many women show their love by gifting the object of their affection with something special. If you find that the woman you are dating constantly surprises you with cute gifts, she’s probably doing this to show how much she cares for you. Moreover, when women feel that they have a partner that they could see in a longterm relationship, they want to show that they are ready to commit by putting their energy, money or time into giving you a gift not ready to commit go with Top Notch Escorts.

3. She’s Acting Like a Child

Of course, we hope your love interest isn’t throwing a temper tantrum with you, but she may be showing some childlike behavior in other ways. This type of behavior is anything that is really cutesy that also shows her innocence. By showing this side of herself to you, she is communicating that she can trust you with her vulnerabilities.

4. She Asks You About Your Life

A woman that isn’t interested in you doesn’t really care to know the intimate details of your life. Alternatively, when a woman really likes you, she’ll go out of her way to learn everything she can about you. If you find that she continues to ask you more personal questions, take it as a sign that she wants to be with you.

5. She is the One that Starts the Conversation

Women generally avoid starting conversations, even with men that they like. If a woman calls first or sends the first text, this is a strong sign that she really enjoys talking to you. Moreover, if the conversations move beyond basic everyday topics, it’s likely she wants you to step up and make the next move.

6. She is Really Interested in Everything You Talk About

A man can easily discern if a woman is into him based on her apparent level of interest. Consider this: you are telling your beautiful partner from Toronto escorts about your work as a computer programmer. Instead of pretending to listen to you, she pays attention, asks questions, and genuinely shows that she wants to keep hearing you out. This shows that this woman really is interested in you.

7. She Tries to Impress You Physically

cute girl

Whether she’s wearing her tightest dress or she asked you if you like her new haircut, if she’s getting all dolled up for you, it’s because she wants to impress you. While she usually looks good, if she always puts in extra effort just for you, she’s into you.

Don’t spend another minute wondering how she feels about you. Use these seven tips to determine what your next move should be.