Reasons Why Online Dating is A Tough Nut To Crack For Men

Gone are the days when we met our life partners in school or other social circles. Then came the era when people would find potential partners in clubs or bars. Now, with the digital world influencing a major part of all our lives, we have resorted to using dating apps like Tinder and Bumble and other social media platforms like Facebook to find our soul mates.

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This does have a lot of advantages, there are a lot more options available in online dating than if you were to go to a particular place with the hopes of meeting someone you like.

If you want to seem attractive or attract the opposite gender, you no longer have to go and get an expensive dress or curl your hair; all you have to do is update your profile.

While this works very well for women and they seem to be doing good in online dating, a majority of the men find it difficult to court a girl over the Internet. Here are some reasons why:

High Competition Due To Gender Imbalance

High Competition Due To Gender Imbalance

According to statistics, there is a gender imbalance in the Human Sex Ratio with more number of women than men. Naturally, this means that women have more options than men and there’s no scarcity of suitors for women. In an online environment, on average, a girl gets many friend requests from guys and she gets to pick who she would like to have a conversation with. Sadly, this is not the same for men. They face a lot of rejections which in turn, lowers their self-esteem.

Not All Men Are Expressive

Not All Men Are Expressive

The most important factor in attracting a girl online is holding a conversation. Most men are not very expressive and though they can be interesting via text, it’s difficult for them to express their feelings and emotions over text messages. This makes it a bit difficult for them to win a girl’s heart through online dating.

Men Are More About Actions

Men Are  More About Actions

Men are capable of showing their interest through small gestures, or they express their love through grand romantic gestures. The online world does not give men a chance to show their chivalry or other nice gestures.

Women Are Cautious

Women Are Cautious

With the growing number of cyber crimes and other assaults in the world, women are now extra cautious about meeting strangers. Most women are worried before they meet their Internet friends for the first time and take measures such as meeting in a crowded place. With women always being on their toes and ready with a flight plan, innocent guys are stuck with no other choice than to live with the consequences of malicious actions of fellow men.

Sometimes, trying new dating sites like Toronto Escorts before it gets widely popular works in favor of men. Identifying some strategies, doing the right things and being yourself can help you get yourself the girl you like.

There are plenty other reasons that make it difficult for men to gain a woman’s interest online, but then, it only has to happen once and then there’s no turning back. After all, your soul mate could be one click away (or let’s be realistic, fifty clicks away, but hey, who’s counting?).

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