7 Characteristics That Men Find Extremely Attractive in Women

Just like men are as diverse as women, their preferences run the gamut. Thankfully, there’s no one size or shape that men only want. Ladies, you can rest assured that there is someone out there who will absolutely love you for who you are.

At the same time, there a few characteristics you can cultivate as they are the ones that most men find extremely attractive. Thankfully, these attributes are ones that all women can possess with some intention.

1. Confidence

Confident girl

Credits: Flickr/ Rubbertoe (Robert Batina)

Confidence is always important. A confident woman is self-assured and at ease. She doesn’t feel the need to compete with the other women in the room. When a woman is truly confident in her own skin, she can celebrate others. It exudes without her needing to say a word. If you tend to lean into your insecurities, start to find ways to develop an inner confidence.

2. Kindness

When a woman takes pride in being mean to others, she might gather a ton of friends who laugh at her demeaning jokes. However, most people smile on her face because they don’t want her to be mean to them. Bullies never prosper. Always make it a point to be kind to whomever you meet. It doesn’t matter what their position or status is. Kindness speaks to the quality of your character.

3. Smile

When a woman smiles, it helps her to appear friendly and approachable. There are many men who struggle to gather up the confidence to speak to a woman they might be interested in. When a woman smiles, it can ease a guy’s nerves and help him gather the courage to engage in conversation.

4. Pretty Face

Just by virtue of being a woman, it’s natural to have a pretty face. Women of Toronto escorts are naturally beautiful. Women have so many intricately feminine details that make them uniquely different from men. Enhance your pretty face with a little makeup. A great shade of lipstick and a coat of mascara can do wonders to open up a pretty face.

5. Intentional Grooming

It’s a good idea to become intentional about grooming yourself. Hair is a big deal to many men. Whether it’s your home-grown hair or someone else’s on your head, always take care of it.

Stay on top of the manicures, pedicures, and cleanliness. There’s nothing worse than a beautiful woman who smells terrible. In addition to deodorant, find a signature scent you can wear that reminds him of you. These small details make a difference.

6. Playfulness

Life is hard enough with bills, taxes and grumpy politicians. When someone new comes into your life, they should add a sense of happiness to the equation.

Don’t be uptight. Relax and have fun with a guy. Make play a top priority like you do with work. Youthfulness is attractive to many men because it shows that a woman is willing to have lots of fun.

7. Value

A woman who values herself is attractive to a man. When she values herself, she understands what she brings to the table. She’s sure of her abilities and confident in what she believes in.

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